Be Yourself

Each one of us is a uniquely programmed human being, the construct of a great Artist. We are God’s masterpieces here on earth, each one with a peculiar design that sets us apart from the rest. Some taught us to repress those inherent characteristics, but it is that which we repress that will set us free. The idea of being ourselves, please take it to heart. Be yourself, own all your talents and flaws because we are like a puzzle, each piece equally important in bringing forth the bigger picture of our true selves.

it is when i make Him smile…
i please, in His vision i try
to obey the truth of my spirit,
let the world possess me for
my talents; this individuality
deserves expression, not shame
nor confinement inside a drawer
where dreams can never shine;
and i shall suffocate altogether,
unable to express what i came
to say in the first place: in
this lifetime… only i am love


One thought on “Be Yourself

  1. I love this….so many people don’t know how to be themselves. They put on a facade to impress others. Why and who are they that you need to impress them. I am the only person that I need to impress and the only other existence is of course . . . GOD that I need to impress. Love thyself and so will other people. Once people begin to learn to love themselves for who God created them to be, they won’t .. . well shouldn’t need any validation from anyone else.
    Last night I attended an event for entrepreneurs and this was one of the topics which hit home. There are so many people that are pretend to be someone else for validation, for acceptance; however, all it does it reveal a lack of confidence to be in the “in-crowd”. If and when you learn to love yourself, nothing else matters.

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