Days take their tolls, whether it is the long commute or long days at work which sometimes feel as though we are being pushed further away from ourselves. It feels inescapable like a maze. Then, out of nowhere, I am given a moment when silence blesses me with one word to set me free from the cages of despair. Believe. Believe that there is hope. Believe that everything will work out. Believe in God and that direct line in Faith. Suddenly, this anxiety fades and I don’t feel as though I need to see the final outcome. I just need to believe.

the droll of days,
things we have given up,
the us we surrendered,
are we still whole
or are we holed up
like cheese that
melts under the heat

can we recover,
heal towards forever?
though i know nothing
lasts long, can
i not believe in the
hope for endurance,
what’s left of faith?
can i not see it through
in the long run? because

i believe i can,
i believe you will…
i believe we can



If for one minute we believed ourselves to be powerless, we are wrong. Each one of us has been bequeathed with sufficient power to speak the truth, to stand for ourselves, to do the right thing, but for some apparent reason we hide behind a shield, thinking it safer to do so than to take action. Or perhaps, we’ve become lazy, becoming faithless in the process and forgetting that this power could easily be retrieved at our will. If we beckon it to come forward, it shall. It just depends on whether we believe. This is how powerful we truly are!

inherent wings, tucked underneath a puzzle,
refuse to soar over mountain peaks. a maze
i’ve wandered in and out of misdirection, i
became lost in my own labyrinth sealed in
frustration; a magnificent prison everlast…
i charge at the bars and bend them open, knock
its walls down, bring the ceilings from the
rafters and loose these chains wrapped ’round
my wrist: because for once i dwell in the
possibility… more powerful than i believe

faith is key

Faith is key, whether you believe or not… you’ve got to start somewhere. The belief in oneself coupled with enough love and meditative silence in one’s head can potentially unlock our greatest self. The only catch is believing.

faith in you and me,
where i belong and long
to be is before your
feet kneeling, believing
as i do that none can harm
me from unnecessary talk,
the nuisance of words and
their vibrations slipping
away as though wet floors
abound and i’ve nothing
more to show for (prior to
my lack of faith) than a
bruised and broken back

© mr gahon 6/29/15


Believing in yourself is one thing, but believing what others can do alongside you is another. Trusting is sometimes a difficult act to follow through because we’ve all been thrown under the bus at one time or another. It doesn’t seem to help that the population of backstabbers seem to be growing by the second. And though there is an increase, it doesn’t mean they are outnumbering the people who are still trying to do right. When people show this side of themselves, it is as if watching the sun set right in my backyard. What a beautiful sight to be a part of amidst the grind, amidst grey mornings and heavily beaten afternoons, amidst the insanity… weeks in our own private asylum… what a sight to behold someone, who, for just a second, can be relied upon; in addition, they invite us to place our trust on them! What a sight really because even when we find ourselves unable to breathe, there is someone out there who just might revive us, bring us back to life.

for there are oceans unseen
and walks not taken, breaths
with only trace amounts of oxygen;
I am more worried than right
abandoned in disbelief about
what light may shine through
this most diligent wall
(lead and all), to deflect
from filthy vices and keep
me sheltered in my distrust
that I urge you to shatter,
pull me out from this
concealed matter and restore
me to when we first saw each
other: back to hope under well
lighted sidewalks and ascension

-mr gahon 6/30/14


A hundred million thoughts, worries come, but I cannot succumb. Faith. What is faith when all these stimuli come at you and there’s nowhere to go but to face it head one? To let go of the worries, the control, I’ve never found it so difficult. And yet, each day tries me, relays me towards the path of potential peace even when I know the complaints in my head are trying to get the very best of me. I cannot surrender even if it is the easier path. Faith… it is what is there for us to conquer.

what lies here in this
bunker… the neutrality
even as I prevent the battle,
I wage war against myself…
this terror bordering upon
my faith (how easily can I
be occupied and taken over…
the frustration, the weakened
stomach that shall twist and
bring me over?) And yet, I think,
what is there to lose if
in You, I believe?

-mr gahon 4/13/14


Believe in yourself and nothing else will matter…

This new year began with an inquisition… an attack on character. I was caught off-guard, unprepared to defend myself and it seemed that the barrage of insults would not stop. I tried to dodge them, but it seemed that it would just topple me over to the next day and the next day after that as though I was a politician caught in the middle of a smear campaign. Why that was foremost in my mind, I don’t know. Why all these things were coming up, while the year really have yet to open up, I could only hope that God has greater plans ahead of me.

I cannot dodge anymore than what I already have. It seems that I am made like David for Goliath. I like to think that I have a destiny to fulfill like Neo in The Matrix… that I would believe enough to stop the bullets fired at me. Indeed, this may be the case, but what I learned today was that there needs to be wholehearted love for ourselves. A love of our self. Totally overlooked all these years, but this is the true armor, this is the cloak that daggers cannot penetrate. A love for me. Why not love ourselves for a change, show compassion, kindness and respect for ourselves, our spirit, so that we may do the greater work, perform the ultimate mission. That when we learn to love ourselves, then we can unload the love for this world.

the grand inquisition
cannot stop me
what love there is
left inside me–
cultivated and grown
and yet microscopic
invisible even to me
(or hardly had I noticed)
the steps, the bullets taken
on behalf of my shame
I have injured my spirit
inhaling the blame
and how could I stand
knowing I was somewhere
lost in the translation!
words are words
that cannot hurt me
look first into my eyes–
try to sink me,
but if my truth weigh more,
it shall sink you.

-mr gahon 1/6/14