The Cleanliness is All

The cleanliness is all. In Hamlet, I know, it says “the readiness is all.” But readiness coupled with cleanliness seem to be the perfect combination to upstart one’s spiritual journey. It’s the new year, month 2 into it, and there’s this need to just flush everything that still remains of the last year or maybe the past. It now becomes more important than ever, to shed all that cocoon we’ve hidden ourselves in, because of an urging need to become like butterflies. To morph into the beings we need to be in order to take flight towards the path of a fantastic change. To not be attached because change is constant. And it is the cleanliness, the cleansing that we must participate in, whether physical, emotional or spiritual, which will open us to a new idea that has always been there in front of eyes which coincidentally happens to be the mirror to our truth.

i’ll sweep it all up,
what a mess i am inside
all the clutter, all that
remains of my past, in
between the crevices of
a wall i did not know i
built, but here they
are towering over me,
fencing me up without
sun to see into the day…
in your eyes where i see
more of myself than i do
before this mirror, this
false reflection of hope
i long to break, tear down,
and sweep away if it means
to gather forth the
universe into my heart


Small Moments

Pay attention to the small moments… they can really leave a big impression. At times, we think we know it all and then the small fluttering butterfly reveals that we have no idea what this life is really about, its natural processes and how to open ourselves up to the energy of this world. How there is a wedge of negativity that prevents us from embracing all that is positive. Only in that moment when we decide to surrender and break through that wedge does the universe come around and return, thank us for wanting to try and do so in the first place. These moments aren’t so small after all.

inside a dark cave
your lantern
lit my
more vast than mine
(these years)
how much more
can I dwell in
your superiority,
this innocence, your
purity; how you
silence me each
time you tell me
how much more you
love me– the
honor is mine, as
you say, as I
glow whenever
you take my hand
and usher me out
of my darkness

-mr gahon 12/22/14