The Cleanliness is All

The cleanliness is all. In Hamlet, I know, it says “the readiness is all.” But readiness coupled with cleanliness seem to be the perfect combination to upstart one’s spiritual journey. It’s the new year, month 2 into it, and there’s this need to just flush everything that still remains of the last year or maybe the past. It now becomes more important than ever, to shed all that cocoon we’ve hidden ourselves in, because of an urging need to become like butterflies. To morph into the beings we need to be in order to take flight towards the path of a fantastic change. To not be attached because change is constant. And it is the cleanliness, the cleansing that we must participate in, whether physical, emotional or spiritual, which will open us to a new idea that has always been there in front of eyes which coincidentally happens to be the mirror to our truth.

i’ll sweep it all up,
what a mess i am inside
all the clutter, all that
remains of my past, in
between the crevices of
a wall i did not know i
built, but here they
are towering over me,
fencing me up without
sun to see into the day…
in your eyes where i see
more of myself than i do
before this mirror, this
false reflection of hope
i long to break, tear down,
and sweep away if it means
to gather forth the
universe into my heart



“Endure a little further… endure just a little more.” These words rescue me each time I think I may turn towards drastic measures and surrender. Out of nowhere, the words seem to whisper themselves from out of my pores soon after I have rambled about an endless list of complaints. And no matter what, I must change my mindset, alter my perspective amidst an unchanging world. Instead of investing in complaints, I can choose to seize such moments as opportunities to best myself against small, insignificant matters that collect and can potentially wear out my mental and physical state. For even if I dwell on fairness and the righteousness of it all, not everything will be, not in work or in life. We are imperfect creatures moving towards change, but not everyone will be on the same page. There’s no use getting frustrated about it. We simply must endure… endure a little further.

no alteration necessary, simply
it is the limitation of the
conscious mind which fences
us in such small spaces with
neither desire or ambition
to uproot ourselves from
the meaningless rooms we
occupy; compartments where
now I must sequester myself
from, for if you cannot change
yourself to accommodate the
world, I must change these
perspectives to understand you

-mr gahon 7/20/15


There’s a peeling away that we go through. Like with a potato, they say? Somewhat like when we peel a potato. Because we are constantly changing, shedding those parts of us that no longer fits our lifestyle or our mindset becomes necessary. Growth is essential and we must make room for our potential to fill in the vacant spaces.

where i may bloom in this
sky, newly emptied, and silence
deemed fresh as i never heard
before; words mute themselves
in the presence of this inevitable
transformation… the mirror tells
me otherwise but i can feel the
pounds in my thoughts lightening
as though i am being raised towards
heaven, unknowingly. and i succumb,
regardless, because the light is much
too powerful than i had imagined…
it saves me from the uncanny voice of doubt,
and urges me to let go of my vices

© mr gahon 4/28/15


Letting go to be free. Distancing yourself from the past to open yourself to the possibility of now. The thought always happens at year-end… we wait for this day; at midnight, we tell ourselves we could change. The ability to change, however, exists in each minute, each second we take pleasure in breathing life. So for the new second ahead each of us… just breathe.

in each breath
there is a living
what heaven we cannot
perceive through mere senses
already lives, already breathes,
in essence
inside of me–
the powerful tree
takes root inside of me,
sheds these leaves of my past
to open me, guide me towards
the ageless Being of Light,
connect me to the possibility–
believe, for once, in this
endless reach, My Capacity
the expanse of my lungs,
my heart beats
ready to share with the world
what love
I am filled

-mr gahon 12/30/13


Actions speak louder than words… there will always be someone watching what we do and observing how we act either to scrutinize or emulate. Because of this, we have the choice to act positively and with good intentions if we ever want to become the change that we seek in this world.

(there’s no light)
shipwrecked in these waters
I long to walk like a god
and trudge along these waves
though FisherMan have it easier
having purified and cleansed
himself at sea. He is one
after all despite unbelieving–
even when Faith is there
among the nets that gathers
him along with the fish;
whose flesh splayed from
its skin and left to dry
under the sun
He is preserving as his
sins are himself absolved
from his sufferings and
kindness both elevating him,
reaching as though he were
already god somewhere in there
undeneath his tattered
white shirt

-mr gahon 7/29/13