poison in my glass

Recently, the word “Flint” has been grabbing my eye. One picture I came across was this grand, white water tower with the word FLINT spelled in black bold letters across it. It is a city in Michigan whose primary water source was switched over to the Flint River, which is more of a toxic dump than river. People persistently complained about the water, its uncanny color, its awful taste, but to no avail… no one believed. And it would be many months down the road when officials will finally listen because experts have found lead in Flint’s water, which courses through the veins of children. And this made me furious and sad at the same time so I chose to reflect on this tragic incident through various poems written in poeticalsounds.com

poetical sounds

investigate into these waters…
it is blue, red and clear on good
days; but good days run low like
toilet paper on the market shelves
and all i’m asking is you take a look
because the water seems not from any
spring or lake i know whose color
sometimes mime faint Tang or Jaritos.
no, this liquid mimics sangria i don’t
want to imbibe for the first time.
the tint arouses suspicion and still
insist it is all fresh from tap.
when yesterday’s pipes have been
gurgling blood and each sanguine drop
fills my mouth… the pain is worth a
scream, but you refuse to hear and i’ve
gone for days without a drink; by now,
thirst taunts me, but what can i do
when there is no alternative but
the orange poison in my glass

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Children and Mother Earth

It’s children and mother earth I’m concerned about. Two gifts we must nurture and cultivate. Where are we without this earth and what are we without the laughter or the influence of innocence from a child? Too many times, both have been radically abused when they exist to help us along our paths, to inspire, love and take care of us in a cyclical way. I can only hope to give back and return with much gratitude.

in hope, I may see you still
into the night
stars bright upon a blackened sky
whose ink covets all but the moon
and I pray…
I hope for a better day
where the delight of flowers
bring awesome bloom
to inspire what roses may
smile subtly beneath
here your delicate nose;
to infuse joy in every open
pore and seal what’s left
of thoughts that blesses
youth and this earth
to bring peace
unite with One

-mr gahon 1/5/15


To end this year with gratitude. We have an entire year to be thankful for. Most of us are ending on a good note, but there are others who may not be on the same page and, for some reason or other, are ending this year on a bad note. My prayers go out to them.

Looking at the entire year, however, I’ve been blessed with inspirations. I’m blessed because I live everyday not far from children’s laughter or their humor manifested through their innocence, through new adventures in counting and learning new words. Putting sentences together to communicate, to joke around, to play pretend and to laugh. Simple words that I’ve taken for granted, but now more beautiful because they are uttered by children. The purity, the vibration echoed from each word is a blessing on its own and I am fortunate, incredibly blessed to be around such adorable human beings.

Inspiration abounds us. We don’t need to look further, jump on a plane and fly across the country to be inspired. All we have to do is open our hearts to the simplicity and purity that life offers around us because the projections are more grand than how they seem, especially when we allow it to enter us so we can nurture them in a way that will propel us to be kinder to one another, to do good in this world.

my every prayer–you;
each thought, each sparkle
of smile inspire, resurrect
my thoughts to reach
the Highest–
to contemplate and look
over with every ounce of me,
how to lead you further
in your steps, let you skip
and run into tomorrow; how
may I lead you to the ocean
and back, to swim, let alone
breathe the hours of day even
if it is just a variety show
of your doing that I adore;
how each digit from your
hands recount how many days
I could love you over
and over as I do today

-mr gahon 12/18/14


Make ourselves like children. Words that resonate within me right now. The idea of embodying innocence. Especially in this new year. To remember what it was like to not worry, to remove excess thoughts that keep us from moving towards our possibilities. What would it be like to exercise that frame of mind, innocence. How much more energy can we generate and radiate to this world if we did incorporate it into our mindset and our lives. Might be worth a try. Worth the renewal. Happy New Year everyone!!!

it starts with one

before I can speak again

remind this world

more its worthy innocence–

afternoon rain

deflected by pink and yellow

umbrellas matched by galoshes

stomping inside shallow puddles

upon undulated sidewalks–

how we forgot

children once were we

carefree, resilient

rain or shine

though fear, at times, seizes us

we are love– free

by design

-mr gahon 12/31/12