The Cleanliness is All

The cleanliness is all. In Hamlet, I know, it says “the readiness is all.” But readiness coupled with cleanliness seem to be the perfect combination to upstart one’s spiritual journey. It’s the new year, month 2 into it, and there’s this need to just flush everything that still remains of the last year or maybe the past. It now becomes more important than ever, to shed all that cocoon we’ve hidden ourselves in, because of an urging need to become like butterflies. To morph into the beings we need to be in order to take flight towards the path of a fantastic change. To not be attached because change is constant. And it is the cleanliness, the cleansing that we must participate in, whether physical, emotional or spiritual, which will open us to a new idea that has always been there in front of eyes which coincidentally happens to be the mirror to our truth.

i’ll sweep it all up,
what a mess i am inside
all the clutter, all that
remains of my past, in
between the crevices of
a wall i did not know i
built, but here they
are towering over me,
fencing me up without
sun to see into the day…
in your eyes where i see
more of myself than i do
before this mirror, this
false reflection of hope
i long to break, tear down,
and sweep away if it means
to gather forth the
universe into my heart



The heft of the things we carry, more than bags and purses in tow, more than our backpacks are the burdens we carry. Internal baggage. It may be as thin as a clutch or thick as a suitcase geared for international flight. We don’t probably realize that we may carry it inside our thoughts, embedded in our hearts. I return to this idea of letting go, removing the unnecessary from our minds because of the belief that it hinders true potential. Our true potential. I will probably come back to this idea over and over again until I get it, until I can lift that one mind off the ground.

To darkness I send off these

sins; erase from my soul

at once this bare spirit restored

to lightness. Feathers that

do declare its straightforward

intentions– to love, to give,

at once, to be free from the

gravity of wrongdoings. Where

each crime worth the lesson to

be embraced, left to ashes (as

we learm from them). To rise

from the fire unblemished,

untouched wholly by its design–

to gain another chance to love

strongly, undisturbed, forever as

my will intends to return with a

clenched fist, cleansed soul.

–mr gahon 1/11/13