Be Brave About Us

There’s a path for all of us to follow and it’s been calling us all along. It’s right at the center of us. We must have felt it all our lives, but we continue to ignore it because we’ve been afraid. We’re afraid because it isn’t safe or we feel that there’s nothing to gain from it. The thing is, the more we ignore it, the more we have to loose from doing so. Who we are is that being we ignore, whether writer, artist, doll-maker, creator and when we don’t give it a chance to express her/himself, we die. Whatever this calling is… have the courage to give it a chance. Because nothing feels like anything can ever proceed right if we don’t take the chance. So give expression to that divine gift inside us. This is who we are after all and we all deserve a second chance. It’s never too late, if this is not far from your mind. If you recognize this about yourself today, seize your chance and begin immediately! For those who have answered their calling, then I applaud you because most of us haven’t been brave enough to do so. But it’s there, it is waiting for us to pick up, to speak and nurture. All we got to do is push through the fear and be brave about us.

brave me out
into this world
missing still one
other point of view,
my perspective—
me. who fears
herself unworthy,
hides behind the
fallacy, without
courage to seek
the truth. brave
me out for the
winds, the sun
and the rain;
wash me, baptize
me, christen me
once more with
the light of
Your rays and
ignite me with
passion and
wonder… to
discern the path
between my lack of
courage and brave


no fear

To have no fear. To be without fear. Why is it such a hard concept to grasp? What are the events in our lives that lead us to this place. What instilled fear in us? Is it to balance our character, pull us down a bit to make us humble? Or is it because of faithlessness, a deficit of light within? Whatever it is, we must extract this seed from within, forever expel it from our system so we may sow courage in its place.

how many times must i conclude,
end with a statement with both
fists in the air, willing myself
as i would like winds… unstoppable!
it’s all i ever wanted amidst this
dragon and dungeoned world, to escape
the fire and wander into the city
where loneliness finds me sat upon
a saddle galloping towards the sun
to harness what light I may extract
beyond the extension of its rays

-mr gahon 9/6/15

know no fear

To know no fear…. What exactly does that look like? It arrived as I was carrying out something mundane and, in that relaxed state, it came to me. “To know no fear.” This is the aspect which I believe God wants us to aspire to, to get to know intimately because nothing can intimidate us into a corner if we truly know that God will never abandon us. He will always be just where we are, beside us.

He is everywhere
beside us… the winds,
the violins, the lone seat
in front of me.

if for a minute i
thought myself alone—
i am not…
i am that i am

believing is such a
heavy question i
don’t want to answer

but His love prompts
me stronger… i never
want to see fear, nor
live it at this time

© mr gahon 7/6/15


If we stand our ground, perhaps, something beautiful can come out of the rot. Actions must speak it, not only words. But what can you say for the masses who do the opposite and sign away at the dotted line, ignorant of what they signed up for? Now, I understand how rare and few align themselves with moral integrity.

the backbones waste away, how
unfortunate then is this consumed
milk for sustenance when its
essence diminishes before you
can drink it full, teach your
bones to rattle a sound… but
it evaporates just the same as
air fills your head with
inherent doubt and ignorance;
it clouds your judgement and
seizes you with silent fear

© mr gahon 5/27/15


Expectation is no joke… at a restaurant, we expect food to come out of the kitchen hot, we expect traffic to be light around evening time, we expect that with all the preparation and organization that we have been doing, that everything will turn out fine. We expect things and we expect they will be alright. But what if all our expectations didn’t pan out. The server sets down a plate of cold fries, it took three hours to get home because of a fallen crane on the freeway, we fail the preliminary exam after months of studying to get into the program of our dreams.

In a perfect world, perhaps all our expectations are possible. We expect basic common decency from our colleagues, but this sometimes doesn’t happen; the more we try to steer our actions to help out the outcome of our expectations, it seems the more we suffer because either our actions have gone against our intuition or it is out of principle. We expect people to be nice at best, but what if being nice is the hardest thing for them to do. What if they are spiritually-depleted, can we still expect them to extend that basic common decency towards us when they are hanging on their dear life scrambling for that last drop of light to fuel their spirit?

This was an epiphany I had today, during a conversation about why it is we get so frustrated about people who rule with ego, who manages with fear and intimidation, who seems to pick on people who carry a light about them. That word spiritually-depleted opened me to this understanding: people without light will naturally try to take it from those who carry in themselves a great amount of it. Because they don’t know how to build light in themselves, they will try to hijack it. But no worries, if one has kindness in their hearts and willingness to share this kindness with the people around them, one will never have to worry about light depletion. Light only gets stronger when we impart it to the world.

what of my light that attracts,
I am a junebug in December, I
light up the night, patrol the
universe and shield it with smiles;
my love of you I didn’t recognize,
but look into my eyes and take
what ray from my gaze/ oh
never mind your lack of courteous
inquiry: what light you take can
only strengthen the filaments within

-mr gahon 7/28/14


There are days when we can literally fill our head with burdensome thoughts that weigh us down. Paranoia can do that to us. The things we carry around with us that can paralyze us. And then there are those guilt-ridden thoughts, the mistakes we can never seem to overlook and forgive ourselves for… we wear this as though they are trending fashionably in our minds. We wear it well, even though the outcome is this cowering style we can’t seem to shake from our system. This is probably doubt we are hanging on to, that part of the imagination where we learned to anticipate the worst. Thus, we cower all on our own. How then do we counter this?

Recognition is the first part and, having done so, the other part is to do the best we can to handle the situation that instills the fear inside of us. By identifying and acknowledging the fear, we can proceed to try and let go… letting go of the outcome no matter how foolish we may seem. Knowing that there is plan for us, we can step out of that wire and let go, let God truly work in our lives. For once to trust and allow Him to catch us underneath when we fall…. this is the true fight, the path we must take towards courage.

give me courage
if not armor
for these doubts
wrapped round my head,
as they weigh me
heavy of darkness;
swollen headaches as
vast at night…
neither my stomach or
nerves dare trespass
into tranquility
as I shiver like
an addict in the middle
of July underneath
blankets and blankets
to keep warm against
my winter thoughts,
doubts about sun and
light at the end of
the tunnel. should
I catch the train
to see again into
day… promises and
new beginnings
like finish lines
I cannot cross? so
I wait for You behind
the yellow ribbon…
Give me hope and catch
me when I surrender
give myself over!

-mr gahon 4/14/14


There’s a thought that crosses my mind… when you start to love, there is a fear that is also born. Perhaps this is the balance. One will fuel the other, try to undo one another, topple each other over. It’s a battle that our hearts, our spirits will have to endure until the end, when only one remains standing. I hope in a case like this, love triumphs because there is so much to lose if love doesn’t. Our spirit is at stake… that vital light inside each one of us; how then can we even begin to smile?

So then, fervently, you scribble all the words that will compose a prayer. The urgency flowing from one synapse to the other, running, hopping, transferring because fear makes you do that when love is at stake. Especially when one is thinking that nothing ever happens in their lives, and you ponder your own passion, that which causes all sparks inside of you. Because words happen to me and I don’t know how else to make them understand that this is what counters my fears, ignites my love for this world.

Siphon you from this darkness
Erase your past and make new
this path– your destiny.
The hierarchy in which He
desires us to reach.
Make blessed the bread.
Make blessed the wine.
Make blessed the moon
that shines above our heads.
Gentleness in your hands
is a territory unexplored–
your god is a wonder
by Him I choose to surrender
you. Take care of you,
as best He could.

-mr gahon revision 2/10/14


Never let fear seize the person you are, what you need to be. Even if everything comes around a second time, never let fear rise from your flesh and allow for a take over. For it is but a moment in passing, a part of our flesh, a part of our mortality, a part of our balance. Fear. Don’t let it, for a second, lead you into a maze of darkness and lock you up from prayers and deep meditation. Now is the time for faith. Fight it with faith.

And faith can only lead to the strength that is inside you. The true gift we are bequeathed with not only on nights when we fear, but everyday, every night. This is the gift alongside love and light and peace that is very much a part of who we are. They are all already inside each us. It comes down to turning on the switch and letting ourselves beam with serenity and courage.

Happy Holidays to all who visit this blog. Thank you to each one of you who take the time to read, to visit, glance the poems on this site. I am grateful…

the intelligence is the resurgence
everyday I succumb to this, unafraid,
unrated… I am the wonder kid
still holding on my own,
climbing to the top of the mountain
reaching for the skies–
I am unstoppable
even when I fear
I learn to adhere
to my Savior, my King
when I remember
and continue on to this cold December night
the light that shone once bright
outside my grandmother’s window
I remember briefly how I am commanded
from sleep to rise,
remember whose child I am–
and I am the wonder kid
one with that Light

-mr gahon 12/23/13


I went to a meeting today, not out of desire but necessity because no one wanted to go. They voted on who best understood English and I won by a landslide. Go figure.

Kitchen and Suits. It doesn’t really mix well, but there we were. I didn’t need to know English to understand that in that place where the meeting was held, there was more than four walls up in that room. There must have been twenty, fifty different facades people tried to maintain in the longest half hour of my life. I could only surmise fear, diffidence, selfishness rolled up into this ball of energy that made everything stale and added to the cold of the room even if it is a beautiful sunny day outside. It was bizarre. I never felt hostage to this kind of energy before.

I believe it lies in the lack of acknowledgement. Life doesn’t have to go on dodging each other’s eyes when we walk the hallways at work. Something as simple as a smile can easily break down walls, if not slightly topple barriers. But we are often concentrated on fear and fear does nothing but imprison. Liberate with a smile, I suppose, is a start. Gotta start somewhere.

sleep ends it well
I haven’t yet
above the columns
beyond the stars
neglect once more
my existence
the criminal offense
his and her
forever the image
facing them in the mirror
laughable, uncanny
whoever refuses
may as well
live inside the
unless shattered
then light to light
will dissolve
all what seem
to matter

-mr gahon 10/3/13


Passion is one of many things that should matter. We loose this, we loose the drive and soon after desire follows. And words, to a poet, become meaningless…. Get it back, all of it!!!

the inevitable mind
with right intentions
fears nothing–
no one.

an addiction to poetry
sleep no more, perchance
a steady glance
into my future–
you I give these words (to)
with brightest intentions
my love, my light
in you I find myself
my second chance

-mr gahon 4/2/11