judge far less

Someone told me once never to judge. His wife worked with foster kids and her numerous encounters with children going in and out of foster homes led her to set that standard for herself. Each child goes through something unique, sometimes traumatizing that we would never know based on first glance. It was in this manner he told me never to judge. I try hard not to stray ever since.

when rain seizes and i
can no longer love, my
tears shall burn through
the drought and fill the
emptiness, replenish this
light with what joy i’ve
left to spread with this
smile now urging from its
depths to escape the eternal
depravation conceived in
these selfish bones… the
density and the narrowing
canal, the marrow where
all my center beams, one
day, shall strive to forgive
easily, and judge far less

© mr gahon 8/10/15