what love gives

Now that the holidays are over, what now? I do miss Christmas though. The spirit of Christmas, that is. I love how giving can somehow break down barriers and open up hearts. But giving shouldn’t just be during the Christmas season. It ought to be everyday, giving, whether it is giving someone comfort, joy, laughter or our “precious” time. A shoulder to lean on, perhaps. Anything is possible. Giving is limitless. Our creativity and sincerity is the only thing that we need to fuel this giving. It all begins with love.

what love gives is not this diamond,
and what is more gold is the gesture
i treasure in each hand crafted measure
inspired by your deepest intention to
wish me joy and happiness, prosperity
and wealth…. no war, but peace can
end chaos and so shall your love endure
what others cannot bear, if you can
rewrap this, i shall receive with all
my heart, your deliberate gift of well-
wishes amply cupped inside your hands


Christmas: A Time for Giving

I’m jumping ahead on resolutions and Christmas hasn’t arrived. I can’t help it… it’s the season of giving and though we might be scrambling tonight wrapping gifts, thinking about what kind of gifts to buy tomorrow, I can’t help think that there’s more we can offer than just material things. A time to listen or time spent with children being patient, baking someone a dozen muffins from the heart. Sure, electronics are wonderful… a new Samsung tablet would be really nice, but a gift from the heart is one that I am appreciating lately. The extension of my hand and thought putting together flour, sugar and eggs and creating something delicious over and over. To show someone how much I appreciate them… that’s what I want to say. To wish them a Merry Christmas, not just today, but for everyday that I am alive because everyday ought to be Christmas through kind gestures we gift one another. This is the spirit that should prevail all year long. So why not start today. Merry Christmas y’all!

Christmas we are love and joy,
the fervor of generosity that wishes
to prevail while the spirit dangles
from every doorway like mistletoe
whose desire from kisses align hearts
with mirrored goodness, unparalleled,
without compromise; judges less and
concerned more for you than I… these
hands relay from thought the word
merry encrypted in this bow, red as
the season allows, a vow to give i’ve
wrapped in this gesture with embrace
to blanket you from the cold rain


Give more than what you can, more than what you expect, more than what you will receive. Often, we think giving can only be accomplished through material things. That and it can only be done by giving big or it won’t be worth giving at all. However, I am learning that only the intention has to be purely grand, and by that I mean to give without attachment… to give simply because it will elicit a smile or inspire joy in someone. This ranges from a smile, a warm greeting or even a prayer of good wishes… gestures we all have in abundance. It begins with our purest intentions and it begins nowhere until we initiate the first giving.

who so much
inspires this
I surrender
even if your
tears make
me quiver–
your joy is
for this world
and not mine
to covet
or own
as though time
in my watch
onto my wrist
Your smile
is for the world
and not mine
in this room
where you
only reach one
when you are
for the masses
inside your eyes
is the light,
the beacon
they wait for
to discover
how to revert to
a smile
of their own

-mr gahon 11/25/13