Everyday is a Journey

What is a journey? Taking a trip somewhere and then coming back? Right? There’s always an association with leaving for an unfamiliar territory, possibly a faraway location and returning home with souvenirs, possibly emotionally charged or learned ones derived from the trip itself. A journey renews and transforms one somehow. Because of new perspectives, new heights sometimes reached, the mind is altered and we then look at the world in a different way. Perhaps, we come back a little more patient, a bit more forgiving. Despite leaving, I’m learning a journey doesn’t necessarily happen in a distant place. Sometimes, it just happens when we least expect it, like becoming suddenly ill and when we heal from it. Our spirit is thrown into a journey we may not have had time to take for ourselves. At that point, the stillness, quiet and rest from our temporary afflictions drive us towards a self- reflective journey where we are cornered to look nowhere else but deep inside ourselves, explore every nook and cranny so that we might expel not only the mucus and phlegm collecting in our core, but to cough out and fess up to all the habits that trap us and prevent us from living. Our temperature rises as we resist the truth, but only until we surrender and make that promise for change, in order to live the lives we are intended to live, do we break the fever and our bodies allay itself and align towards recovery. A journey towards change… what a blessing it is when we recognize it, especially when we are made to see that we are stronger than who we are, better than what we think we are. A journey transforms one and if this is the case, then everyday is a journey no doubt… it’s just a matter of whether we participate in what is being offered us.

pack my flesh, pack my soul…
into this light, plunge i and
swim towards You where i may
see my true colors beside this
gray i wear. my spirit yearns
for all the white it can behold,
the straightest line i can walk,
but i’ve been crooked and densely
worn in blue that even dances are
left untwirled, sugar unspun and
life unspectacular… free me from
this fever, this temperature rising
prison wall, push what phlegm still
plagues my vision and revive me from
this death haggling, and reset this
button in my head labeled truth


Get Over

Lately, I’m encountering a flux of people who are just having a little trouble, going through some pretty tough challenges, wondering whether they’ll ever get over the obstacles before them. I wonder too and I wonder sometimes whether I have the words that will keep them lifted, to guide them towards an alternate perspective and allow them to see their situation in a different light. For however long I believe I’ve gotten over some of the issues I had to go through, I certainly wish many times that I got over it sooner. But here’s the thing that came to me… perhaps, we aren’t supposed to get over it that fast. Perhaps, we are supposed to endure the suffering, the burdensome thoughts that comes along with it because that is part of the journey. To find ourselves coming up with a formula on how we can battle each fear, each hesitation is part of the journey. When something comes at us and we aren’t phased by it anymore, only then do we know that we have overcome.

the journey exists,
at best prolonged,
not so much to get over,
but to endure
until all our might is
tried and pulled beyond
exhaustion; when the
trivial inside is released
from our tight fists and
control relinquished even
from our dreams can
One enter into our realms
and remove our doubts,
our fears (if allowed)

-mr gahon 1/26/15


Where we might be at this stage of our lives, I learn not to think but simply do. And in doing so, I try not to think of the journey alone, but the journey as an odyssey with an omnipresent Creator who walks with me, guides me along the way. All I have to do is trust.

where among these tall grasses
and evening stalks the shafts
and everlasts
whose bread departs suddenly
as these hands from each end
to bend
what is left of this baguette
from its tear I learn
how to love,
and pray above
for pain to dissipate
as I thrive at the brink
of an obstacle
these challenges reclaimed
by no one
but me, myself and
the I
who reside
deep inside

-mr gahon 8/26/13