lies, lies, lies

Don’t lie… never lie or, by any means, try not to lie. It’s a challenge, I know because most of us at some point have participated in a lie. Of recent, I experienced an elaborate story concocted in front of my face, an insistence from the other party that it was the truth, only to come to the end and have it be discovered that it was a lie. It made me angry and I might still be in the same state of mind, but the next step for me is to try to understand why someone would lie? Of course, in the end, submerged lies rise to the surface and eventually unveil itself because there’s nothing solid about a lie. It’s so porous that it will eventually float to the surface for everyone to see.

lies diminish what trust has built,
cemented brick by brick to arrive
where we are because our past is
what we’ve been, the dangerous
trench we’ve crawled and climbed
out of… shall we return to the
place of conscience war brewing
from within or shall we walk a
straight line forward beyond
potholes and craters that trip,
abandon these vices by any means


stick to the truth

There’s no escaping the truth… even as we try to run away or hide from it, truth is already trying to find us in the opposite direction, make us come out of our safe houses. Because the truth doesn’t just expose, it’s trying to restore balance into this already chaotic world we live in. So stick by it… stick to the truth.

where i may loose myself
amidst this forged reality,
this easily bought kind of
world, i take what poverty
can keep me away from such
pockets and stick to the
truth; for no wealth made
from lies can elevate towards
highest heavens half-knowing
an airless ball can take away
another’s win… the conscience
weighs heavily and the heart,
like a volcano, shall erupt.
the blood flowing like lava
covers up the disappointment,
truly, this self-disdain

-mr gahon 9/10/15