a chance at life

In the end, all we really want is another chance. A second chance to be the person we need to be. Another opportunity to set right the path we need to walk righteously towards affecting the world. Our bodies tell us this, but, at times, we allow barriers to win. However, when we stand long enough and open ourselves to listen to the silence urging us, prodding us towards that direction our compass is leading us to, a chance at this life may just be within our reach.

in that place
i sleep too often—
my sacred space
where i recline
an armchair of embrace

your skin so soft,
so close i can feel every
atom’s frenzy in delight
to be at the helm of
your distinct breath

as this same gladness
leaps at hearing you
exhale warm breezes
into my ear and a world
unfolds of possibility

and the spur of a neuron
touches me, magnetically,
charges me from lifeless
state and resurrect me—
you revive a hundred

deaths from inside me,
deliver me from its
womb and, as though i am
born again, you make
light of me once more


a gift to give away in time for Christmas

We are gifted. There are things about us that we are strong in, undoubtedly our best attributes which regenerate itself once we let go and share to this world. There was this quote shared over the radio the other morning on the way to work. I almost ignored it, but only in time did I turn back to that station and catch that bit of wisdom. I can’t remember the quote verbatim, but only to the effect that it is our purpose to find what our individual gift is and it is then our purpose in life to give that gift away. Something about this quote just hit me somehow. The gifts we are so doubtful about; the gifts we participate in and then hide because we are so afraid of criticism… well, these gifts are exactly what we should be gifting this world with, whether it is our writings, our paintings or our songs. Whether it is the bread we make with our hands or the joy we express through our words, these are the gifts that we ought to be sharing with one another. In the spirit of Christmas, locate these gifts within ourselves and find the strength to unleash them because there might just be that one person left inspired to do the same thing. In doing so, we might just nurture positivity and joy throughout the years to come.

when i can no longer hold onto, i
simply open my hands and let go
what isn’t mine in the first place,
but to this world i owe a present
to have, one blessed utterance of
joy and love are still gifts inside
these words no matter how they are
unwrapped with hearts heavy, no
doubt, feeling so depleted,
un-embraced for so long… with this
gift, never shall you be alone again
so long as i can write to relieve you
from the melancholy and the sadness
endured from time to time


No matter what card is dealt us, we must learn to embrace it fully for though we have not uncovered the reason, somewhere in its folds is a blessing in disguise. The silences we meet, often, is an opportunity to connect with our inner selves, if not to tap into that inherent peace, perhaps, discover the answers to the many questions that persist about ourselves and that of our own purpose in life.

where do i go from this state?
silence, you’ve pulled me away
from the chaos, the cacophony i’ve
dwelled in all this time without
the question, why? why must i with
my heart follow, burrow myself
deep inside as a worm tunnels
through the core of an apple; wedge
myself and lie still between uncomfortable
and pain that i delay as trauma
would have me doubt, go forth toward
that noise and gravely plunge into
confusion? as quiet as these arms
are open, i return home to your embrace

© mr gahon 7/26/15

A Pause

At times, we just need to be ready to surrender to silence. These past years, I’ve grown to have great regard for quiet and solitude, that focal point of none-noise to discover what I need to do and be. There’s a great need for it. Because words sometimes can weigh so heavily and all that’s needed to reel ourselves back is that pause.

remedy is in the silence
awakening inside
no matter how heavily the
noise scattered all around…
the quiet cultivated
from solitude is enough
to diffuse all sound;
the widening gashes at
their interlude stop
just before chaos utters its
final word… and the lucidity
of night, despite all rhymes
motors perform against the
highway— through silence,
rightly, we recuperate under
the gentle heel of its hand

© mr gahon 3/20/15

risen well

Some days are definitely more difficult than others. Challenges abound; the smallest issues can easily turn into something bigger if we don’t curtail it near its beginning.

because you’re not grander
than my thoughts, I confess—
if only I can, these sinful
thoughts where I don’t want
to hail from, yet so easily
gravity pulls me back that
even as I surface to the top…
I hope I’ve risen well
from the dead

-mr gahon 3/16/15

Get Over

Lately, I’m encountering a flux of people who are just having a little trouble, going through some pretty tough challenges, wondering whether they’ll ever get over the obstacles before them. I wonder too and I wonder sometimes whether I have the words that will keep them lifted, to guide them towards an alternate perspective and allow them to see their situation in a different light. For however long I believe I’ve gotten over some of the issues I had to go through, I certainly wish many times that I got over it sooner. But here’s the thing that came to me… perhaps, we aren’t supposed to get over it that fast. Perhaps, we are supposed to endure the suffering, the burdensome thoughts that comes along with it because that is part of the journey. To find ourselves coming up with a formula on how we can battle each fear, each hesitation is part of the journey. When something comes at us and we aren’t phased by it anymore, only then do we know that we have overcome.

the journey exists,
at best prolonged,
not so much to get over,
but to endure
until all our might is
tried and pulled beyond
exhaustion; when the
trivial inside is released
from our tight fists and
control relinquished even
from our dreams can
One enter into our realms
and remove our doubts,
our fears (if allowed)

-mr gahon 1/26/15

What Matters…

In the end, it is what we have surrendered for Him that matters. We get carried away with titles, power, material things. The things that we own(or the things that we want to own). Yet, in the end, these are mere accessories to this life only… we cannot take this with us in our life after.

And what about that life after, what matters in that life? The richness of our understanding, the expanse of our compassion, the immensity we have placed in restraining ourselves from judging, the provocation of joy, instigation of laughter, the perpetuation of life through encouragement, nourishment… these are the wealth of our soul, the path towards cleanliness. And yet how much are we awakened to this? And if not now, then when?

Forgive the past, smile today.


to labor under the adversity
of Your might;
what gives in this indecision?
the shallow words
surrender, guilt ridden and empty…

roaches crawl in the still of night
and I am awake in dreams,
earthquakes endeavor rattle this
vulnerability inside me,
but I do not tremble or
raise myself from sleep,
shake Lazarus from underneath
his slumber to help me face
my deep-seated fear:
that to my demise
alone I keep
no other responsibility
’til the end
this death is mine
and mine to weep
I bring no other parcel
in the life after
or the one after that
until my soul to light
is complete

-mr gahon 3/31/14


There’s a thought that crosses my mind… when you start to love, there is a fear that is also born. Perhaps this is the balance. One will fuel the other, try to undo one another, topple each other over. It’s a battle that our hearts, our spirits will have to endure until the end, when only one remains standing. I hope in a case like this, love triumphs because there is so much to lose if love doesn’t. Our spirit is at stake… that vital light inside each one of us; how then can we even begin to smile?

So then, fervently, you scribble all the words that will compose a prayer. The urgency flowing from one synapse to the other, running, hopping, transferring because fear makes you do that when love is at stake. Especially when one is thinking that nothing ever happens in their lives, and you ponder your own passion, that which causes all sparks inside of you. Because words happen to me and I don’t know how else to make them understand that this is what counters my fears, ignites my love for this world.

Siphon you from this darkness
Erase your past and make new
this path– your destiny.
The hierarchy in which He
desires us to reach.
Make blessed the bread.
Make blessed the wine.
Make blessed the moon
that shines above our heads.
Gentleness in your hands
is a territory unexplored–
your god is a wonder
by Him I choose to surrender
you. Take care of you,
as best He could.

-mr gahon revision 2/10/14