from ashes we rise

It has been a while, I know. Soul searching. It’s natural for writers to do this. Disappear. Vanish from the spaces our medium yields us in order to shed the layer of attachment to become new again. A new year does this to you. It christens me, baptizes me, enlightens me, except this time, I didn’t want to loose that renewal or have me burn out in a month or two without accomplishing even the tiniest of goals. So I ask, how does one stay the course? And the lesson I arrive at is courage. Having courage to push through is a lesson my best friend taught me last night. A friend, who amidst hurt and vulnerability, pushed through with courage, perseverance and great fighting spirit… the tenets she couldn’t recite, but which she demonstrated in front of me despite feeling herself defeated. As difficult as it was to watch, all I could see was my own friend rising from the pain with great courage in order to push through her own obstacle, to remain and finish until the end. Seeing this, seeing her stay the fight within her own ring, made me think of my own courage and how I needed to toughen up like she did in order to stay on my course. To persevere, to rise… to be absolutely courageous.

from ashes we rise,
don’t we?
or do we stay as ashes?
are we then happy to remain
where logs once were before
they were set on fire,
incinerated like illicit
bodies who worshiped
a different god from
you and i?
stand as i
reflect even when i fall
on my knees, even when
it hurts inside, i fight
through the covetous night
and shed this cowardly skin
to show what courage is

for SJP who showed me incredible courage TWD



Letting go to be free. Distancing yourself from the past to open yourself to the possibility of now. The thought always happens at year-end… we wait for this day; at midnight, we tell ourselves we could change. The ability to change, however, exists in each minute, each second we take pleasure in breathing life. So for the new second ahead each of us… just breathe.

in each breath
there is a living
what heaven we cannot
perceive through mere senses
already lives, already breathes,
in essence
inside of me–
the powerful tree
takes root inside of me,
sheds these leaves of my past
to open me, guide me towards
the ageless Being of Light,
connect me to the possibility–
believe, for once, in this
endless reach, My Capacity
the expanse of my lungs,
my heart beats
ready to share with the world
what love
I am filled

-mr gahon 12/30/13