Prayer is Wealth

Prayer is wealth. Often we think of how little we have, how we haven’t arrived or amassed the millions or billions others already have by a certain age. Well it arrives this evening, a different kind of wealth… prayer. Prayer is this untapped resource of wealth often overlooked. But if we just shift our perspective and imagine tonight how all of us have the potential to pray for others, endlessly, because we have the inherent capability to pray, meditate, or keep someone in our thoughts… elevate them in our minds as we dare to connect to the Highest; to have their best interest in heart, to wish them all that is good on this earth. How much more wealthy can we still want to be if we have the power of prayer within our reach?

when the nothingness swallows me
up and waves engulf me inside its
inevitable chasm pushing me down
towards lifelessness, i wish for
one good thought to fish me out of
my drown, one prayer to reach my
hand and rescue me from the cold
waters; restore me to the sanity
and hope that only contemplation
can revive… that prayer is best
when the seed takes root from the heart


Lola, a Grandmother

How we remember anyone really is momentary. They travel in and out of our minds like weary sojourners of this world. It is an unexpected thought, their face across the vast screen in our heads, as perfect as any. An ideal pictorial even if we know what age and time has done to their bodies.

Briefly, I remember everything even from a distance. The influence of a loved one who is part of my memory forever. Her unrelenting devotion to God was admirable and this was her legacy. A grandmother who took to the rosary as though the beads were extensions of her fingers, reciting them day and night until she could no longer; she attended church until she could no longer and then, finally, in the confines of her home, in a rocking chair, she seemed forever in meditation. Not once did she allow that hold on God to loosen. And in the end, God would have her be taken care of with dignity, love and respect… how we all ideally would like to be taken care of. My grandmother lived in a humble home, but spiritually she was so wealthy that she didn’t need much of anything. Love, fundamentally, filled her up. She emitted this and I shall, for the remaining days of my life, miss her. I love you, Lola. God Bless! Until our spirits meet again… love, light and peace be with you.

the flood is mercy upon
this drought. she does
not understand death
is relief from pain—
the million ways we
suffer to earn one minute
of bliss with Him. oneness
is earned, not bought
and she won’t grasp it
until she escapes into
the next; how much of her
soul will be renewed,
how much power her life’s
devotion to God would
reverberate and exude

-mr gahon 1/12/15


To end this year with gratitude. We have an entire year to be thankful for. Most of us are ending on a good note, but there are others who may not be on the same page and, for some reason or other, are ending this year on a bad note. My prayers go out to them.

Looking at the entire year, however, I’ve been blessed with inspirations. I’m blessed because I live everyday not far from children’s laughter or their humor manifested through their innocence, through new adventures in counting and learning new words. Putting sentences together to communicate, to joke around, to play pretend and to laugh. Simple words that I’ve taken for granted, but now more beautiful because they are uttered by children. The purity, the vibration echoed from each word is a blessing on its own and I am fortunate, incredibly blessed to be around such adorable human beings.

Inspiration abounds us. We don’t need to look further, jump on a plane and fly across the country to be inspired. All we have to do is open our hearts to the simplicity and purity that life offers around us because the projections are more grand than how they seem, especially when we allow it to enter us so we can nurture them in a way that will propel us to be kinder to one another, to do good in this world.

my every prayer–you;
each thought, each sparkle
of smile inspire, resurrect
my thoughts to reach
the Highest–
to contemplate and look
over with every ounce of me,
how to lead you further
in your steps, let you skip
and run into tomorrow; how
may I lead you to the ocean
and back, to swim, let alone
breathe the hours of day even
if it is just a variety show
of your doing that I adore;
how each digit from your
hands recount how many days
I could love you over
and over as I do today

-mr gahon 12/18/14


The world exists and sometimes not all of its contents seem to please. It can literally weigh on you just like gravity. What to do in a situation like this, all I can think is breathe. Just breathe.

the breath inside
connects electricity;
fully charged–
I am energy’s emblem,
see me shine
despite my negligence,
my will to sign
for the composition
here lies in the
make of your lone
eye; the solitude, how
it was from the beginning
when prayer was mere
prayer and none of the
grotesque embellishment
that discourages
by nightfall

© mr gahon 8/25/14


There’s a thought that crosses my mind… when you start to love, there is a fear that is also born. Perhaps this is the balance. One will fuel the other, try to undo one another, topple each other over. It’s a battle that our hearts, our spirits will have to endure until the end, when only one remains standing. I hope in a case like this, love triumphs because there is so much to lose if love doesn’t. Our spirit is at stake… that vital light inside each one of us; how then can we even begin to smile?

So then, fervently, you scribble all the words that will compose a prayer. The urgency flowing from one synapse to the other, running, hopping, transferring because fear makes you do that when love is at stake. Especially when one is thinking that nothing ever happens in their lives, and you ponder your own passion, that which causes all sparks inside of you. Because words happen to me and I don’t know how else to make them understand that this is what counters my fears, ignites my love for this world.

Siphon you from this darkness
Erase your past and make new
this path– your destiny.
The hierarchy in which He
desires us to reach.
Make blessed the bread.
Make blessed the wine.
Make blessed the moon
that shines above our heads.
Gentleness in your hands
is a territory unexplored–
your god is a wonder
by Him I choose to surrender
you. Take care of you,
as best He could.

-mr gahon revision 2/10/14


Never let fear seize the person you are, what you need to be. Even if everything comes around a second time, never let fear rise from your flesh and allow for a take over. For it is but a moment in passing, a part of our flesh, a part of our mortality, a part of our balance. Fear. Don’t let it, for a second, lead you into a maze of darkness and lock you up from prayers and deep meditation. Now is the time for faith. Fight it with faith.

And faith can only lead to the strength that is inside you. The true gift we are bequeathed with not only on nights when we fear, but everyday, every night. This is the gift alongside love and light and peace that is very much a part of who we are. They are all already inside each us. It comes down to turning on the switch and letting ourselves beam with serenity and courage.

Happy Holidays to all who visit this blog. Thank you to each one of you who take the time to read, to visit, glance the poems on this site. I am grateful…

the intelligence is the resurgence
everyday I succumb to this, unafraid,
unrated… I am the wonder kid
still holding on my own,
climbing to the top of the mountain
reaching for the skies–
I am unstoppable
even when I fear
I learn to adhere
to my Savior, my King
when I remember
and continue on to this cold December night
the light that shone once bright
outside my grandmother’s window
I remember briefly how I am commanded
from sleep to rise,
remember whose child I am–
and I am the wonder kid
one with that Light

-mr gahon 12/23/13

State of Mind

What I have learned… in order to propagate positive continuity or energy for that matter, our state of mind must also dwell in that same state of positivity. But to be conscious of this is sometimes trying. Life happens and it reminds us that there are certain actions/reactions that we have not quite mastered. It’s a good thing if we are analyzing. However, if we aren’t analyzing or conscious of it for that matter, it is possible that we repeat these actions over and over, entering into this eternal loop without even knowing we are inside it. But I suppose that is where kindness or the benign act enters, the repetition that forces us reconcile with what it is we need to learn.

I have not reached this place (though I try like Macy Gray). It’s still a challenge trying to deflect bad energy, self-induced negativity. Mercurial thoughts that are too quick for me to catch and alter… for these I accept and learn to let go.

The practice of poems as prayers I learned from Kerouac. Simple supplications that I believe more complex than how they appear on paper. It gave me the idea to do the same. Why not? And I return to this one prayer/poem for all the things that come back to me at this point in time, the need to master and let go.

Silent as this prayer is,
I let you go.
My mind entwined in chaos,
I let you go.
Love, who never was,
I let you go.
For strength and peace of mind,
I let you go.

-mr gahon 9/3/09