Be Yourself

Each one of us is a uniquely programmed human being, the construct of a great Artist. We are God’s masterpieces here on earth, each one with a peculiar design that sets us apart from the rest. Some taught us to repress those inherent characteristics, but it is that which we repress that will set us free. The idea of being ourselves, please take it to heart. Be yourself, own all your talents and flaws because we are like a puzzle, each piece equally important in bringing forth the bigger picture of our true selves.

it is when i make Him smile…
i please, in His vision i try
to obey the truth of my spirit,
let the world possess me for
my talents; this individuality
deserves expression, not shame
nor confinement inside a drawer
where dreams can never shine;
and i shall suffocate altogether,
unable to express what i came
to say in the first place: in
this lifetime… only i am love



My response to writer’s block… and to all who experience the same… I wish you a wonderful day.

I am far away, but

not far enough– the consequences

of delay devastate the mind;

all thoughts in sordid rewind

(reliving the past hardly merits

any outcome for the poet.)

Prayers, song, meditation

what have you– if there is

a block, there is a block!

Get past the bloody thing,

get past the bloody impediment

and sing for your life.

For life is more than

what you think–

greater than what’s witnessed,

vast like the eyes of God

-mr gahon 11/14/12


I was reminded that we are gifted with certain talents unique to each one of us.  The very reasons I began writing poetry here: the hope that someone might connect, someone might understand, and, possibly, someone might extract something out of them.  To inspire perhaps….  Whatever the talent, we have the responsibility to nurture it, bring it to the surface for everyone to see; not to hide, but to share with the world.


Tomorrow lists another day

and yet today, what good

have these gifts that I

choose to stand, keep

awake, vigilant over this

single talent in my head,

that which oozes from the

hidden place where my soul

doth harness energy, chi–

this light forever upon my

palms for you to see


-mr gahon 10/5/12