To What Purpose

We are lost ones, no doubt.  Without purpose, we roam earth in circles as though in limbo.  In search of purpose, I arrive not at myself, but rather what I can do for others. The reason why nothing works is because I’ve asked the wrong questions about my own direction. Rather than asking what I can do to better myself, I needed to ask what I needed to do to better the world around me. How can I contribute to the universe with my God-given talents? When I removed the focus away from myself, only then did purpose become a little less cloudy.

to what purpose
may i be used?
when readiness
persists upon
days sans rain
or shine; and
drafty rooms
with soot on
windows make
impossible to
diffuse light
from inside. how
can i breach this
shadow hanging
over the world’s
shoulders when it
is only i against
those great beasts
of the night? what
sword must i
brandish to intimidate
fear into submission?
how will i be used
when i stumble
before greatness
and i fall before i
can answer the call?
is it too late or is
this the beginning
of it all?


risen well

Some days are definitely more difficult than others. Challenges abound; the smallest issues can easily turn into something bigger if we don’t curtail it near its beginning.

because you’re not grander
than my thoughts, I confess—
if only I can, these sinful
thoughts where I don’t want
to hail from, yet so easily
gravity pulls me back that
even as I surface to the top…
I hope I’ve risen well
from the dead

-mr gahon 3/16/15