Prayer is Wealth

Prayer is wealth. Often we think of how little we have, how we haven’t arrived or amassed the millions or billions others already have by a certain age. Well it arrives this evening, a different kind of wealth… prayer. Prayer is this untapped resource of wealth often overlooked. But if we just shift our perspective and imagine tonight how all of us have the potential to pray for others, endlessly, because we have the inherent capability to pray, meditate, or keep someone in our thoughts… elevate them in our minds as we dare to connect to the Highest; to have their best interest in heart, to wish them all that is good on this earth. How much more wealthy can we still want to be if we have the power of prayer within our reach?

when the nothingness swallows me
up and waves engulf me inside its
inevitable chasm pushing me down
towards lifelessness, i wish for
one good thought to fish me out of
my drown, one prayer to reach my
hand and rescue me from the cold
waters; restore me to the sanity
and hope that only contemplation
can revive… that prayer is best
when the seed takes root from the heart


what is gold within

We’ve been looking elsewhere too many times that we forget there is gold in each one of us, a secret treasure waiting to unfold. What gifts we may hold inside won’t stay hidden too long. This gold isn’t our wealth to keep, for it longs to breathe and flourish. Eventually, we must let it flow from us, share it with the world.

quietly i stay beside your
impoverished heart, my heart
like yours, compatibly, we are
each a rare anomaly whose beauty
converges like dawn to daylight.
we are the image of likeness,
gods in our own right, fragmented
still but divine. we pick up where
we last left a lifetime awhile,
only i can’t seem to remember. so
i journ once again, plunge myself
deeper into the impurities and sift
through what is gold within

stick to the truth

There’s no escaping the truth… even as we try to run away or hide from it, truth is already trying to find us in the opposite direction, make us come out of our safe houses. Because the truth doesn’t just expose, it’s trying to restore balance into this already chaotic world we live in. So stick by it… stick to the truth.

where i may loose myself
amidst this forged reality,
this easily bought kind of
world, i take what poverty
can keep me away from such
pockets and stick to the
truth; for no wealth made
from lies can elevate towards
highest heavens half-knowing
an airless ball can take away
another’s win… the conscience
weighs heavily and the heart,
like a volcano, shall erupt.
the blood flowing like lava
covers up the disappointment,
truly, this self-disdain

-mr gahon 9/10/15


It is simply what I want… to unposses; to keep a simple, lead a simple life. How much we are attached to things. I have a hard time letting go of books, clothes, things I think define me. But it is our character that make us who we are, the essence we shape, the minds we nurture (not to forget our heart and spirit). The latter is what we need to build up after all. For possessions can be dispensed off in the end, the make up of our soul and spirit, however, its degree of brightness remains with us forever.

what possessions I may have,
possesses me, surrounds me,
imprisons me… quietly takes
over me. I am a wealthy colony
for advertisements that go
oooh and ahh amidst traffic
(and I burn, burn, burn);
I drive the price of gas high,
regardless(since I rather
unplug, even after all this
want, despite what I don’t
need); carelessly, I proceed
to fill this void unexamined,
whose content is unknown to
me, but I live day to day trying
to unmask, deliver me from
the confines of petty minds and
envelop me in such scarce noise
as silence where I may cast off
each worried sound and elevate

© mr gahon 8/19/14